My name is Susan Anderson and I am getting ready to begin a graduate program in speech-language pathology. It is an exciting time for me because I love my school and am eager to learn as much a possible.

While completing my post-baccalaureate coursework, I found that some of my skills related to graphic design and marketing were helping me to become a stronger student:

  • I was able to absorb information from my science classes easily because I was able to visually represent the concepts I was studying.
  • I was able to create presentations that conveyed information clearly because I was experienced as a visual communicator and public speaker.
  • I was able to become closer friends with classmates during group activities because I had project management and sales experience.

I have decided to start a blog to share what I find as I begin thoroughly revisiting the graphic design and office software I have been using. I also want to share what I discover as I seek out new resources that will make learning, collaborating, and presenting more effective. I hope you can benefit from the information I share as much as I do.